Would you rather have root canal than negotiate with a used car salesman?

Are you scared by high-pressure salespeople or befuddled by technical salespeople? Do you feel salespeople have all the control and you have none? In this book, a very experienced salesman shares his tricks of the trade, so you can take back control — and feel confident when you go out to buy.

And he shows you step-by-step how to negotiate a great deal for you and your family.

Never Fear A Salesman Again


George’s words on ‘Never Fear A Salesman Again’:

“I have been in sales for over 40 years and I am proud of the profession and to call myself a salesman. However, there is rarely a day that I haven’t been saddened or embarrassed to hear a story of someone who has had a bad experience with an incompetent sales person, or worse still the conmen and sharks.

Most people I know would rather have root canal surgery than deal with a used car salesman and they often find technology based or professional service buying decisions challenging or frightening.

Through this book I want to empower people to Never Fear A Salesman Again!! I will help them learn the tricks of the trade, to minimise or eradicate the risk of dealing with the incompetent and to identify the sharks. Imagine if we could eliminate the sharks and just enjoy swimming with the dolphins when we go shopping – no matter what for!”