What is NEVER FEAR about ?

‘Never Fear’ is a part of the George Mavros philosophy on Life.

George has a certain way of looking at life – and at business in particular – based on the more than 30 years he has been in Sales and Marketing, Business and Personal Development. What he has taught to so many people and companies over his career is fundamentally based on one of the cornerstone beliefs of his life :

“Never Live your life in Fear – have your arguments today and get on with the rest of your life tomorrow.”

This doesn’t mean that George believes in arguing with everyone – it means he believes you should face whatever is challenging you, or causing you concern or fear, as soon as you can. Once dealt with – whatever the outcome – you can move forward with the rest of your life.

George also believes that in most cases when people are fearful there are one of two reasons:

  • they lack knowledge of the true situation or;
  • they allow emotion to overrule logic

Never Fear is a series of books written by George (with the assistance of Kym Adams) that delves into the various aspects of George’s beliefs and ideas on:

  • Buying and Negotiation
  • Business decisions
  • Life Decisions

With each book there will be a workshop and an online course, to assist you in getting the best deal for yourself, your friends and your family.     

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Here's what people are saying.

“Using George’s strategies has saved me thousands of dollars in the last couple of years”
– George Karanopoulos

“When I was buying my 4WD, I was prepared to pay $30,000 but George negotiated the price down to $27,000. So he saved me $3000”
– Wendy McLennan

“ this easy to read book can have you on equal footing with the sales person when you go buying things like a car or house, and that’s got to help get you a better deal”
– Barry Pierce

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